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Security Camera Installation

Looking for the best security cameras for your business? At Network Hook Up LLC we specialize in providing security camera cabling and installation.

With many different cameras and installation options to choose from Network Hook Up LLC can help your business become more secure in the Greater Orlando area. Call today to schedule a site survey at your location.

CCTV Security Cameras

Network Hook Up can setup and install CCTV security cameras. Call us today and schedule your site survey!

IP Camera Cabling

If your looking to secure your business we can help. Network Hook Up can install and configure IP cameras and cabling.

Surveillance Camera Cabling

If your planning on installing surveillance cameras, Network Hookup is an experienced installer. Call us to schedule a site survey.

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Security Camera Installation and Cabling Types

The technological advances that have brought high definition television, higher quality cameras on cell phones and faster networking speeds have also improved the quality of security cameras.

In the early days of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, most were analog and could only be viewed with special monitors and only worked with analog video recorders. These cameras were installed using Siamese RG-59 Coaxial cabling. This cable is similar to that used for cable television. It is called Siamese because it has a pair of wires attached to outside coating which are used to provide power to the camera. This type of cabling configuration is still widely in use.

Currently Network Hook Up LLC has seen the growth of internet protocol (IP) cameras and has installed many in the Orlando area. Every device on your network is assigned an IP address (i.e. IP Cameras also get an IP address allowing them to be viewed from any computer on your network or through specialized software applications from your cell phone. They are connected via a Cat-5E or Cat-6 data cable and can be powered with the same cable using an adapter called a power over Ethernet (POE) injector.

If you want to add cameras or upgrade an older system please schedule a site survey.


Security Camera Services

At Network Hook Up we offer a wide range of services related to security cameras. Take your business security to the next level with our security camera installation service. Call us today for a site survey.


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