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Server Room Relocation Services

If your company needs to move its server room we can help speed up your move. Before moving your equipment to your new server room location, we'll take an inventory of equipment, cable outlets, patch panels and wiring within the server room. We can also create a design plan for your new server room.

Server room relocation is one of our most popular services. When you choose to reorganize your office space our server room relocation service can assist you in making sure your server room efficient, properly cooled and accessable.

Cooling Requirements

We can make sure that your server room space meets the cooling requirements nessary to run your equipment.

Racks and Servers

We can install and configure racks and additional storage space to accommodate servers, UPS equipment, and other network devices.

Wireless Network Security

We can configure and secure your wireless network onsite today! Call us to schedule a network security survey.

Network Hook Up Services

Server Room Migration

When setting out to migrate your server room to a new location its essential to have a qualified team of network specialists to assist you in your move. At Network Hook Up we are experienced in designing server room layouts, moving and setting up your equiment and wiring outlets and patch panels at your new location.

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